Are You Ready for #IGLTA2017?
Let's do a #GayTravel hashtag takeover!

In preparation for the IGLTA Convention in St. Petersburg, Florida coming up May 4-6, we wanted to remind everyone to use #IGLTA2017 as the event hashtag. Be sure to use it IN ADVANCE OF the conference, and especially DURING the conference, in order to maximize your business opportunities during this exciting event. Lastly, your POST-conference social media posts using this hashtag will allow you to follow up with some of the various conference attendees after the event has passed.

Why use this, as well as #GayTravel and #SunShinesHere, #StPeteBeach and #LiveAmplified? We try to provide a strong business case for these hashtags here:
#GayTravel Analysis for 2017, in preparation for #IGLTA2017

To better understand the power of Twitter, Instagram and Hashtags, check out our most recent article here... some recent events have received MILLIONS of impressions in just one weekend's worth of activity using these techniques.
The LGBT "TwitterSphere" - This is Where the LGBT Eyeballs are Going Today!

Use #IGLTA2017 together with #GayTravel and the other hashtags mentioned above, for our #GayTravel Hashtag Takeover during that 1st week of May! For a few Tips & Tricks on how to maximize your #IGLTA2017 Tweets and Instagram posts, check out our article here.

Bonus Tweets by Pink Banana Media! Our company will be monitoring all of your Tweets using these hashtags during the IGLTA Convention, and will rebroadcast using the #ILoveGay Twitter 360° Network! We'll help BROADEN and INCREASE YOUR REACH, focusing on LGBT niche markets specific to your business and region of the world.

We look forward to seeing you all there!!!
Matt Skallerud, Fabrice Tasendo and our entire Pink Banana Media team!

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